26 April 2012

The Legendary Story of PANERAI

In 1860, Giovanni Panerai opened a watch shop named l’Orologeria Svizzera in a monastery building near the Ponte alle Grazie bridge in Florence. This watch shop is still in business, and it is also the earliest authorized Rolex and Patek Philippe dealer in Italy. Later, his grandson took over after his career and established Guido Panerai & Figlio company, he expanded the business to cooperate with Italian Navy and provided them with precision instruments and compass equipments. The company was later re-named Officine Panerai, so this is the process of Panerai’s birth.

 Guido Panerai

In 1867, Panerai sold the first watch to Italian Royal Navy, in 1938, Panerai sold the first batch of Luminor Panerai watch, this watch have had a tremendous impact and significance on the Italian Navy and watch industry: the Italian naval divers used this watch to blow allied forces with German army; the first real diving watch also appeared in the watch industry, which only had waterproof watches before. Luminor Panerai also laid the two greatest features of Panerai watch, including the distinctive crown guard and the legible dial design.

Retail Price $14, 700

1:1 Mirror Replica watch of Panerai Luminor comes with 1:1 Mirror replica Panerai Luminor Box


Price : RM600 (non-negotiable)
for serious buyer only


 Older version of Panerai Watches


Panerai Luminor in the "Rambo" movie

24 April 2012

SWAN Full Swarovski Smartphone Casing

Living in this world today, you start to wonder when people will start to dress up the roads and sidewalks with glitter and bling. Whether its an influence from hip-hop artists or a wish to emulate a certain Twilight vampire – you cannot deny that the trend is growing. And growing strong. 

Today, were giving you the chance to hop on to the trend band wagon – with our offer of a Swarovski Series Handphone Casing meant to attract (and more importantly NOT BLIND) the appreciative eye. Get it today at the bargain price of RM199!!

So what are you waiting for? Time to spend less and enjoy more. Get your bling on!
These cases aren’t expensive and extremely a good bargain as they ring in at RM199 each. 

Each one features over 1,000 100% genuine Swarovski crystals that make your handphone dazzle with brilliance!

 So if you want to reward your smartphone for being such a good companion for the last year or so, this is a very nice way to say goodbye!!

  • Perfectly fits your Apple iPhones/Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/Nexus, All type of blackberry
  • Crystals are adhered on a high quality and slim case with Super Glue Gel
  • Spare Swarovski stone crystal 
  • Measurement : 13 CM x 8.5 CM

SWAN Full Swarovski Smartphone Casing - YellowBling!

SWAN Full Swarovski Smartphone Casing - Purplelicious!

SWAN Full Swarovski Smartphone Casing - BlingBling!

SWAN Full Swarovski Smartphone Casing - SmartBlack!

SWAN Full Swarovski Smartphone Casing - Pinkalicious!

Back strap to fasten and secure your phone and for easy pull-out.